Hemmerle, M., Röpcke, B., Eggers, C., and Oades, R.D., (2007).
Evaluation of 2 years’ residential care treatment for adolescents and young adults with Schizophrenia.
Proceedings of the First European Conference on Schizophrenia Research, Sept:Düsseldorf, Germany. (Request further information)

Introduction: The Trialog project (Professor Eggers Foundation) offers 8 patients with early-onset schizophrenia (EOS) residential treatment aimed to support recovery and independence. This is a two-year programme of outpatient care following discharge from a clinic. The main features include interactive and psychoeducational family care, coping with persistent symptoms, development of social and emotional competence, independent house keeping, and support of school and vocational training..

Aims and Methods: To evaluate psychopathology along with social and neuropsychological function at the start, after 1 year and after 2 years -- on completion of the programme for 14 participants. Their progress was compared with 10 EOS patients who did not attend Trialog following discharge.


The programme of intense care was accompanied by a significantly greater decrease of positive and negative symptoms with respect to the comparison group.

Measures of social function showed a marked improvement.
Neuropsychological indicators of working memory, attention and some executive functions also improved more than in the comparison subjects.
b) Neither group showed changes in measures of intelligence or the subjective quality of life.

Conclusions: We show the benefits of an intensive residential training programme for EOS patients. Only a follow-up study will be able to show if these improvements can be maintained.

Support: Professor Eggers Foundation